What’s leaving my makeup stash, and what’s going in – Fall 2016.

Ahh, fall. You’re just around the corner, aren’t you? I can feel you just waiting to appear. The leaves are starting to turn, the nights are definitely getting cooler and it’s getting dark earlier. Whenever a new season comes around, I like to take a minute to sort through my make-up bag and switch up a few products (a little bit like my capsule wardrobe – catch those posts here, here and here). The base, or key, products tend to stay the same (see what I usually put on my face here), though I do need to go and hunt down a new mascara soon – suggestions are welcome! However, there have been a few products that have left my everyday makeup bag, and a few which have been put in, instead. 

So, let’s start with what has left. There’s actually not too much.

Clinique Cheek Pop in ‘Peach Pop’ – the most coral of corals. This blusher was added slightly after I published my last makeup post. It’s definitely one of my favorite blushers, but it just has to go. Personally, I can’t stand wearing coral colors on my face when Fall hits. To me, it’s a true summer color. 

Too Faced ‘Beach Bunny Bronzer’ – I mean, even the name suggests summer, not fall. It’s just getting a teeny bit too dark for my skin now that my tan is wearing off, so it just doesn’t stand a hope once Fall is in full swing and I’ve returned to my vampire-like self. Perhaps I’ll pull it out for special occasions…

Now for what’s going in, that’s a little more exciting, I think! 

Bourjois  Bronzing Powder in ’51’ – the palest bronzer they do, as far as I’m aware. This is such a good matte bronzer that doesn’t break my lil piggy bank and is perfect for my super-pale skin. It give me a little bit of color where I need it, isn’t orange and smells like chocolate – definitely a bonus when I’m applying it at 6.30am!

Seventeen Cheek Stamp in ‘Peach’ – for me, Fall is all about the eyes, certainly not the cheeks, so my blusher needs to be pretty subtle. This is a true peach color that doesn’t distract from anything else going on on your face, but it just adds that something that pulls it all together.

Clarins Blush Prodige in ’02 Soft Peach’ – despite my exhaustive collection of blushers, it’s rare to find two in my everyday makeup bag. However, I love this Clarins one for Fall, for similar reasons to the Seventeen blusher. It’s slightly deeper in tone, it mixes a true peach with a slightly more burnt peach and then a sort of ‘rusty’ peach color to create something very natural. 

Nars Eyeliner Stylo in ‘Nuku Hiva’ – I’m a huge fan of black eyeliner, do not get me wrong. But sometimes, it’s just nice to have something a little softer on my eyes. As a pale blonde, sometimes black looks a little harsh on me, especially if I’m not wearing something ‘fancy’, as it were. This eyeliner provides the definition I so desperately desire along my lash line, but doesn’t look too harsh. Also, it’s perfect for applying at 6.30am – if you mess up brown, it’s nowhere near as obvious as when you mess up black. Just sayin’…

So there it is, what’s left and entered my everyday makeup bag for this season. What’s going into your makeup bag? Let me know below!

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