Things I like to put on my face.

Since having this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever really branched out into the world of beauty – it tends to be all travel and lifestyle related. So today, I thought I’d see how a post about my favorite makeup products would go down. Here goes.. 

I have odd skin. It’s fairly blemish free for the majority of the time, but it’s very ‘English rose’ in tone – it’s almost red in color & nothing can really change that. It’s dehydrated, so soaks up moisturizer like you wouldn’t believe, but oily in certain sections and dry in others. It’s a bit of a mind boggle to be honest. I’ve worked pretty hard over the last few years figuring out what I like to put on my face. I wouldn’t say that I wear an extortionate amount of makeup, but I do like it. I have products that work in rotation (usually blushers or eyeliners) depending on the season. So here’s a list of what I’m sticking on my face at the moment. Some of it’s ‘high-end’, other bits are cheap as chips (is that a UK thing..?).


  1. Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best drugstore moisturizers that I’ve managed to find (I alternate between this and the Clarins HydraQuench Gel & I think there are striking similarities between the two..). That is all.
  2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I got a travel size of this in a Christmas present, used it, and was absolutely hooked (I ended up purchasing a full-size at Heathrow Airport before flying back to Boston in January..). I kind of use this like a primer, and a teeny, pea-sized amount of this over my moisturizer gives me the best glow/base for my foundation and highlighter.
  3. Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance FoundationThis was something that my mum started to use, but she bought the wrong shade online, looked at me and said “here, you’re pale, make use of this”. It’s been a staple in my makeup bag since. It’s not cheap, but considering that I only replace it, what, once every six months (?), I can deal with it..
  4. Revlon PhotoReady Powder. A bit of an unplanned purchase. I’d run out of my usual powder that I’d use in the UK (a brand that’s not sold in the USA) and I didn’t want a shiny face, so I walked into my local CVS and picked up the cheapest one I could find, which ended up being this one.
  5. Collection Eyebrow Kit in Blonde. I. Love. This. Product. I’ve got such fine and blonde hair that my eyebrows are virtually non-existent, so I have to fill them in every morning. This trio of colors makes it a lot easier to create my own shade and make my eyebrows, I’m going to say, ‘defined, yet natural’. Oh, this also doubles as the most fantastic contour product (at least for me, anyway), as the shades aren’t orange-y. So it’s sort of a 2-in-1 thing. Sort of.
  6. Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara in Black. The cheapest item in my whole makeup bag (I think it retails for £1.99 in the UK), and probably one of my favorites. I’m yet to find a mascara that can top this one. I’ve tried a fair few, but I always come back to my trusty Natural Collection one..
  7. Clarins 3-Dot Liner. I am a sucker for eyeliner (I have multiple different colors in my makeup stash), but at the moment, I’m really reaching for my black Clarins liner. The three dot nib thing actually really helps me to get an even and clean line and the black is super pigmented, which makes a change from some others (not naming any names here..!).
  8. Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer.  Probably my go-to item for this summer, this bronzer is made up of 4 color strips that blend to create a natural bronzer/slight blusher combination (with a little added highlight too. I mean, why not..?). This wasn’t cheap (well, by student standards at least), but I personally love it. Maybe try the Snow Bunny version if you’re not a fan of the bronze-y look (I say that as if this product will make you orange. That’s totally not the case, but it is an obvious tan. Sometimes I have to be very light handed with it..).
  9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. I bought this bad boy fairly recently after having lusted after it for about forever, while in Las Vegas and I’m completely enamored with it. It’s a fairly multipurpose product. Yes, you’re probably meant to use it to highlight (which I totally do), but I also like it as a subtle eyeshadow, or as a more intense highlight on the corners of my eyes. I’ve used it almost every day since I bought it and I’ve not even made a dent in the product – it’s that pigmented. Worth every penny, I think.
  10. Vaseline. An absolute staple in most makeup bags, I think. I’m personally not a fan of the lipstick thing (I can’t really work it very well to be honest: I think it might be my coloring..), so Vaseline or a lip balm is my go-to for my lips. Currently, I’m using the Aloe Vaseline tin.

3 comments on “Things I like to put on my face.

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  2. Lovely post 🙂 I enjoy seeing what other people wear on a daily basis! And I definitely agree, vaseline is a staple for sure 😂


    • Ah, thank you so much for your comment – I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it! It’s just turning to Fall here, so I’m getting through so much Vaseline so my lips aren’t cracking. I reckon I’m keeping them in business! 😂


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