Amazing Amsterdam

The final leg of my little jaunt to Europe found me in the capital city of the Netherlands: Holland. Though I only spent two days there, I found some pretty good places to eat, and a few attractions that you have to see!


Prebook your tickets to…the Van Gogh Museum: Honestly, this was so worth the money – seeing all of those Van Gogh originals right in front of my eyes is something I’ll never forget. Especially my favorite painting of all time, “Almond Blossom.” However, it’s not just paintings that you’ll find in this museum – there are plenty of factoids to discover, as well as letters between the artist and his friends and family. 



Eat at…the Vegan Junk Food Bar: As a quick little disclaimer, only do this if you’re not allergic to gluten. That being said, the good people at VJFB as they affectionately call themselves did whip me up a real good salad featuring seaweed “chicken” nuggets. Unreal.


Queue up at…the Avocado Show: Yet more food has made its way into this post. Oh well! This place is pretty much chocka from the moment it opens to the moment it closes, but the 45 minute wait my friend and I had was well worth it. She ended up eating the triple dip nachos, while I went for the superstar salad (without the ball of cheese on top!).


Stroll along…the canals: Even just for half an hour take a little stroll along the canals and see all that the city has to offer. My friend and I chose to walk back to our AirBnB one evening rather than use the tram as it was such nice weather outside. I have so many beautiful photos of the canals.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.26.30 AM

Make like a tourist at…the “IAmsterdam” sign: But did you really go to Amsterdam if you didn’t get a picture of or with the IAmsterdam sign..? Located just outside the Van Gogh museum in the Museum Platz, it’s super easy to spot and such a tourist destination. Everyone goes there, but you just have to do it! 


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  1. Oh wow- I have always wanted to visit Netherlands!

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