When in Rome

Oh, Rome. Such an old and beautiful city. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Italy’s capital city last week. Here are my recommendations for food, accommodation, and tourist attractions alike.


Eat at…Taverna Baberini: As a human being that’s allergic to gluten and a vegan, too, this restaurant was an absolute godsend. I managed to pick out an amazing mushroom and garlic pasta one night, as well as a chilli oil pasta. And all for such a reasonable price. It’s also on the way down to the Trevi fountain, just in case you were wondering.



As the sun goes down…have a wander around the Colosseum: My friend and I did this on the first day, not too long after we got off our plane. There’s something so magical about seeing such an old piece of architecture as the sun sets – imagining all of that history is really quite something!



Become a real tourist at…the Trevi Fountain: Alternatively, get your Lizzie McGuire moment here. Chuck your coins over your shoulder, make your wish, and don’t look back (unless admiring the fountain from the top). Go later in the day (we went at about 6pm) to avoid the horrendous crowds.




Prebook your tickets to…the Vatican City: Totally worth the money, I promise! Avoid the 2-3 hour queues and prebook online, or alternatively buy ahead on the day. You mightn’t see the Pope, but the Vatican City is well worth a look around. The Sistine Chapel was a particular highlight.

Stay in…a hotel rather than an AirBnB: While AirBnBs are fantastic and came in mighty useful in the other cities we stayed in, they just weren’t the way forward in Rome. It made more sense in terms of finance and proximity to book into a hotel for the duration of our stay. We ended up staying in the Hotel Ariston after finding a cheap deal on Expedia. 

Beware of…pickpockets and beggars: An unfortunate, but common occurrence in Rome. Take care with the ‘false beggars’ who try to con you out of money. Try not to take a backpack, too – take something that goes across your body, instead.

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  1. Great post. I’ve only been to Rome once but I can safely say it’s my favourite place in the world.

    Holly x

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