Monterey, CA.

Monterey was actually mine and Vicky’s third stop during our trip to the West coast – we stopped on the outer edge of Yosemite for a day, but didn’t really go into the park. We spent just two full days in the town, and I loved every minute of it! 

The desire to go to Monterey began (for me at least) last July/August. The BBC put a show on called “Big Blue Live”, which focused on sea life and their ‘habits’, their relocations and more across the course of six weeks. It was broadcast live from Monterey. I decided on my parents’ sofa that I wanted to go there at some point in my life.

We stayed in the Monterey Travelodge, around a five minute drive from the main attraction that the town appeared to offer: the pier. We spent a few hours there after arriving, but took full advantage of it and Cannery Row (two shopping points) on our final day in the town. The first full day, however, we decided to travel down to Carmel-on-the-Sea where we mooched along the beach for a couple of hours. It was a little cold as it was 9am, but nothing totally unbearable! After this, we decided to head a little further down the Pacific Coast Highway and take in the views that Big Sur had to offer. I’d never been so speechless! A particular favorite spot of mine was Bixby Bridge – well worth the drive.



I think rather than write more, I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite photos: some of my favorite views. Oh, and I bought the most epic Monterey sweater!


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