New Jersey.

My friend Emma lives in New Jersey, so my friend and I decided to go and visit her for a little bit. Here’s what we got up to.. 

So, let’s start with the journey. NJ is about 3.5-4 hours from where I go to university over here. My friend and I left Amherst at about 1pm and got to Emma’s at around 5pm that evening. We were armed with snacks though. In fact, if you follow me on Instagram (@kathryn_firth), you’ll find a video of me lovingly feeding my friend chips and salsa while she drives. True friendship right there. We traveled through MA, CT, NY and then a bit of NJ to get to Emma.

The first day was a little yucky on the weather front. However, we managed to get to Broad Street DoughCo in the morning for breakfast. They sell the nicest gluten-free/vegan  (they call them Vlugen..) donuts I think I’ve ever eaten. I got one covered in chocolate and peanut butter and one with a lemon and coconut sauce. So so good! We then decided to try and get to a boardwalk, where we traipsed around for an hour or so. But because the weather wasn’t so great, we called it a day and headed back to Emma’s instead.

The second day was spent in NYC. I have a whole post on that here, so I won’t go on too much about it. But I will say, dinosaurs. Lots and lots of dinosaurs!

Day three was spent by a boardwalk again. But because the weather was nicer, it was actually a damn good day. We ate breakfast at Turning Point, where I ate a Tuscan omelet (I really wanted French toast, but they had no gluten-free bread. Sad times). We then wandered, hit the beach and looked round a few shops. We came back, cooked dinner for Emma’s family and then watched Lion King 1 1/2 (I literally didn’t even know that this existed, so good times for me!).

The final day was really spent inside. It really rained (insert sad face here). We so wanted to get to the lighthouses that look out to NYC but there was no way we were doing it while it was raining. So instead we sat in and just chilled out. I wrote some blog posts (!), we bopped around to music and we gossiped. All the good things! To finish our trip, we went to see Emma’s sister Kate in her dance recital that evening.

I’m really hoping to get back and explore NJ a little more. My dad’s job means that he gets sent to Princeton quite a lot, so maybe I can make something happen there!

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