Inspired by Emma’s (@fromemmawithlove) recent post about what she loves about Spring (see that here), here are some of the best things about Spring in my humble opinion. Although I’m pretty certain that Massachusetts missed the Spring memo..! 

  1. Sun: After a long, hard winter, that’s usually pretty gray and sad, it’s always nice to see the sun appear from behind the clouds. I live for summer and the sun, so it always lifts my mood. I also sleep with my blinds open, so it’s nice to wake up with the sun, rather than the pitch black!
  2. Being Outdoors: I also love the outdoors and Spring is the best time to go hiking around where I live. It gets pretty hot in the summer, so exercising outside is almost immediately out of the question, but I try to take advantage of getting some exercise outside during this season.
  3. The Return of Salads: This always sounds a bit weird, but I love eating a decent salad during the warmer months. Spring sees the return of real, good, fresh salad ingredients that I love to take advantage of.
  4. Far fewer layers!: I live for summer, and living in tees and shorts, so the return of Spring means that I get to put away all of my huge sweaters that are so necessary here in Massachusetts! Woot!
  5. Spring Cleaning: Don’t judge, but I love a good Spring Clean and a reorganize of my room!
  6. Newly-bloomed flowers and blossoms: There’s something about the flowers that are coming into bloom at the moment that are just so lovely. Mass has planted some of the cutest tulips along our campus that really brighten it up. I’m also loving the blossom that appearing on the trees in my town too.


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