May via Instagram

Just a quick one today, I realize I’ve been super M.I.A. for the past month due to school absolutely kicking my butt! However, after Thursday, that should all change as I’ll be free from papers and finals. ‘Proper’ blogging shall resume, and I’ve got some ideas for blog posts already whirling around my head. In the mean time, here are a few Instagram shots that I’ve taken over the past few weeks to tide you over (if you don’t follow me, it’s kathryn_firth).

Row 1, L-R: Rainbows on St. Patrick’s Day; Street art in Little Havana, Miami FL; Dobra Tea (see my blog post here)

Row 2, L-R: UMass Renaissance Center; Me, nan and mum over Xmas (photo from my nan); turning my hamster into a dog

Row 3, L-R: 2/3 of the saxophone section after a recent concert; 2 Brits and an American; Margaritas

Love and peace and all that.



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