Disney (for a weekend..).

Yup, Disney. 

It all started when I got super homesick in this post here. There’s always been an offer from my aunt and uncle to go and visit them when they go to DisneyWorld with my cousin. And that weekend, I found myself messaging my aunt and booking flights to Florida. The dates were marked onto my calendar and November 6th came around real quick.


It was a long couple of days. I spent two days in Disney exploring the parks with my aunt, uncle and cousin & I’ve never slept so well afterwards! Friday night saw us go around Epcot for a bit (Test Track was so good) and a general catch up.


Saturday was where it got exciting. Let’s start with the fact that I met Minnie Mouse at 7.45am. Teamed with gluten-free Mickey Mouse waffles? It. Was. Great. Most of that day was spent at the Hollywood Studios where I saw my first ever real-life palm tree (Instagram-ed the heck out of that..) and we went on too many rides to count. Although, Star Wars was pretty darn good..!



That evening, we hit up Chef Mickey’s where I met Minnie again, and Goofy, Donald and Mickey himself. I was basically a small, over-excited child for the entire day. Oh, I also bought a pair of Tinkerbell sneakers too, to add to that whole thing.



Sunday (unfortunately) saw a long day of travel and a return to cold Massachusetts. But it also included probably the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had..



The weekend clarified my desire to go and live at Disney forever if my entire life goes wrong. I mean, I can’t wait..!

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