Cologne, Germany.


A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit Cologne, Germany with the university orchestra that I run. I’d never been before and was so excited to explore the city and its surrounding towns.

Cologne KoblenzCologne 2

Vaps Koblenz 2 We started with an afternoon exploring Cologne, where my friend lives and came to meet us, showing us all the cute and secret bits. Tuesday saw a visit to Koblenz and a walk to the top of the fortress which had some stunning views, followed by a night out in Das Ding (possibly my new favourite place ever!). Wednesday was our first concert of the tour in Bad Ems, which was great (Das Ding happened again in the evening!) and Thursday saw us explore Cologne a little more with a boat trip up the Rhine and a visit to the Lindt museum (HEAVEN). That evening we played our final concert and I’ve never been a more proud president. I could have cried quite honestly, my orchestra was fantastic. Even thinking about it now makes me want to bawl a little bit!

Cologne was so much fun and it was lovely to be able to explore the city with some of my friends. I’ve definitely been bitten with the travel bug and cannot wait for my trip to Strasbourg in July after I finish uni!

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